Pattern cutting acts as a link between the design and manufacturing stages in clothing production. Our lead Fashion Production Consultant has vast and progressive experience within the pattern production industry. Double Stitches uses CAD/CAM systems to efficiently create your pattern and grade them. We create pattern templates from working drawings produced by a fashion designer, and work with machinists to make up samples.




Pattern cutting, grading and clothing production techniques have changed considerably over the years and still continues to evolve. With our policy of continuous improvement, we aim to meet the needs of our customers by drastically reducing production time and costs without compromising on quality.


We use the following different methods to create patterns:


         i.            Altering and shaping flat, standard pattern 'blocks' into a required style.


       ii.            Draping pieces of material over a dummy, shaping and pinning them around the ‘body’ until the correct fit is attained, then we cut out a pattern based on the pieces.


      iii.            Modifying non-standard pattern 'bases' taken from a company’s pattern library.


Our garment technologists work closely with designers and to make any further adjustments or alterations and then produce the final pattern. This is then passed to the pattern grader to resize as required before production begins.


As pattern grading is an essential part of garment production, we also provide this service. We grade pattern according to our customer’s specification or according to country sizing charts.